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Content Marketing Sacramento

Content marketing is one of the most underrated inbound marketing strategies today. Many businesses don’t underestimate the importance of not just content, but quality content for that matter; Statistics have proven that content marketing generates three times as many leads as other internet marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click advertising.

Black Flag Creative understands the importance of content marketing, content strategy, and content development, which is why we have become one of the leading Sacramento Content Marketing agencies who produce organize and original content.

Why Choose Our Sacramento Content Development Services

To get your website in front of the right target audience, it’s important to have a strategic content marketing strategy. When it comes to the Sacramento content marketing industry, our crew offers comprehensive content strategies to help bring you results. We understand how to refactor and restructure your unique content, therefore taking your website to the next level, producing the competitive edge it needs in today’s saturated market.


We Perform Expert Keyword Research

When it comes to content marketing, it’s critical to perform keyword research to ensure that all content writing is optimized to help improve your website rankings and becoming visible by the right target markets. Black Flag Creative performs extensive keyword research, highlighting the most important target keywords that will benefit your business locally, and when necessary, globally.


We Create Results-Driven Topics

When considering a content development strategy, one of the most crucial aspects is generating the right topics for the right audience. Black Flag Creative utilizes our expert keyword research to help craft results-driven content for your web pages, blogs, articles, news sections, and just about anywhere your website contains content you want customers to find.


We Automate and Maintain Your Content

When you enroll in our Sacramento Content Marketing services, we take care of everything for you so you can focus on more important matters. We will provide our recommendations as to what is the best content strategy for your website and company, including how many blogs, pages, or new posts that should be published per month. Our crew will utilize our tools and experience to automate and maintain all content on your website on an ongoing basis.


We Create for All Mediums

Black Flag Creative does not create content for just blogs, but in fact, we create content across all mediums and for all styles of marketing. This includes, newsletters, social media and even print marketing and advertising! So, no matter what your content goals may be, our crew can provide the necessary solutions that produce results.

Important Content Marketing Statistics

If you are considering a content marketing strategy, these statistics will showcase the importance of adopting a campaign strategy:


Blogs Generate Traffic

Businesses with a blog generate 126% more web traffic than websites who don’t have a blog. (Impact)


Recommendations are Key

61% of consumers will purchase a product after reading a recommendation on a blog. (ContentMarketingInstitute)


Primary News Source

18-49 year olds primarily get their news and information from websites and blogs. (Pew Research Center)

The Many Advantages of Content Marketing


Nurture Leads

Through a well-orchestrated SEO strategy and content marketing gameplay, a website can drive more organic traffic to your website than any other medium. However, the content work does not stop there. It’s essential that the content on the website caters to and nurtures potential prospects that will then potentially transition them into leads. Black Flag Creative offers this advantage to all businesses, thanks to our trained crew of content marketing specialists.


Brand Awareness

One of the best advantages of having an effective content marketing strategy is that it helps to establish brand awareness. In the digital age, your presence can make the difference between a sale or handing over a prospect to the next business owner. We strive to create custom content marketing plans that empower businesses and your website, compliment your branding image & voice, and speaks directly to your customers.


Inform Consumers

Words are powerful! Content marketing is the single best way for a brand to inform your consumers about what’s happening and why they need your product or services. Do you have a sale coming up? Are you releasing a new product or service? Whatever the case may be, content marketing strategies can help inform a target audience, resulting in more leads ands sales.


Attract New Leads

In ways, search engine optimization and content marketing are closely related. Due to the expertise of Black Flag Creative’s Sacrament Content Marketing and SEO crew, we craft strategies that help boost a website’s ranking and strategically position it in front of the right eyes. What does this mean for your website? You could expect more organic traffic, more interested customers, and new leads, therefore increasing profits.

Ready to Come Aboard?

Come aboard and adventure with one of the leading content marketing agencies in Sacramento. Our crew consists of top level experts who discover the right solutions for your company that will produce results. Your custom content marketing strategies are just on the horizon!


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