Front-End Developer

Part Time - Full Time Remote

Position Overview

Our agency is seeking an experienced Front-End Developer with 5+ years experience to join our crew!

We’re looking for an ideal candidate who is passionate about developing cutting-edge, modern website interfaces while understanding how to think from an end user’s perspective to create meaningful digital experiences.


  • Converting designs into high quality HTML, CSS, Animation, jQuery, JavaScript, TypeScript, & PHP code bases
  • Working collaboratively with our highly skilled design, development, and programming crew
  • Turn discussions and ideas into remarkably developed sites and applications
  • Meet internal deadlines to ensure all client deadlines are met
  • Participate in client meetings when necessary
  • Working from home and independently. You must be self-managed and self-motivated
  • Are up-to-date on new design and front-end development methods, technologies, best practices, and trends
  • Ready-and-willing to take the initiative on new and current development projects
  • Communicate effectively in both written and verbal interactions with our team and clientele


  • Expertise Using techniques and languages, such as HTML, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Vue, VueX, JSON, Node.js and similar
  • Able to convert designs into interactive experiences that are fully responsive
  • Experience with balancing and managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experienced and competent in cross-browser, cross-platform, and responsive best practices
  • Experience with device/browser-specific testing and debugging is a must
  • Experience working with clients directly (conference calls and emails when necessary)
  • Available Monday – Friday during PST business hours
  • Able to communicate through Slack and Google Meet
  • 5+ years of front-end development experience

Added Bonuses

  • Are familiar with developing parallax websites and immersive digital experiences
  • Are familiar with Tailwind CSS, WebGL, ThreeJS, locomotive, and other similar libraries
  • Are familiar with or have experience working with 3D
  • Are familiar with hosting services like WP Engine, AWS, GCP, etc.
  • Are familiar with back-end development and consider yourself a full-stack developer

Position Recap

As a brief overview, we’re seeking a front-end developer with a diverse range of skills in JS frameworks, scripting 2D, with a huge plus in 3D animations, WebGL, three.js, and Greensock. Must be using modern CSS to create feature-rich, immersive websites and UI.

Familiarity with TailwindCSS, Node.js, TypeScript, along with adeptness in CSS features including flexbox, grid, responsiveness, animations, text styling is required.

Having experience with various frameworks such as Vue, Next.js, Svelte, and Astro is highly favored. A foundational understanding in frameworks involving React, Next.js, Svelte/SvelteKit, and Vue.js is a huge plus. Moreover, proficiency in Greensock, webGL/webGPU, three.js, shadcn-ui, ES modules, and bundlers like webpack, Rollup, Parcel, Vite, SVG animation, canvas, while not mandatory, are desirable and will collectively enable us to unlock new and exciting opportunities together.

Furthermore, we’re interested in candidates who actively engage with the JS community, are updated on browser features, APIs, and HTML/CSS advancements.

If all of this interests you and you have a desire to flex and/or grow these skills, this opportunity is perfect for you!

Thank you for your interest and we can’t wait to learn about ye sailor!