Senior Product Designer

Part–Time / Full–Time Remote

Position Overview

Ahoy there!

Our agency is seeking a contractor-based Senior Product Designer with 7+ years experience to join our crew!

We’re looking for a candidate experienced in product design and project management who is passionate about creating cutting-edge, modern design interfaces while understanding how to think from an end user’s perspective to create meaningful experiences that tell stories and increase engagement.


  • Craft intuitive, engaging, and memorable user interfaces for web and mobile applications
  • Create wireframes, high-fidelity designs, and interactive prototypes to help visualize design ideas and solutions
  • Create information architectures, user flows, user journey maps, etc. to ensure a smooth user experience
  • Craft design solutions for websites, web apps, mobile apps, smart watch, and the like using Figma
  • Create low-fidelity and high-fidelity design concepts, taking design projects from kickoff, through concept, to final product
  • Collaborate directly with clients, leading and guiding design projects from inception to completion
  • Test designs to ensure usability and accessibility
  • Visualize user experiences (UX) and create user interfaces (UI) for a wide variety of clients, industries, and audiences
  • Maintain brand and design element consistency across platforms
  • Are familiar with the latest UX Research Methodologies and can conduct UX Research sessions and drive productivity
  • Work collaboratively with our highly skilled design, development, product management crew, and other stakeholders to convert business requirements into effective product experiences
  • Participate in client meetings, including leading presentations and asking questions to acquire all information necessary to help make informed design decisions to complete projects accurately and efficiently
  • Are up-to-date on the latest design trends and technologies to create cutting-edge design solutions


  • Expertise using Figma as your primary design program
  • Proficient creating Figma prototypes
  • Extensive experience in design, ideally in a senior/lead role within an agency environment
  • Must have experience designing for numerous product UIs including websites, dashboards, SaaS platforms, mobile apps, smart watch, design systems, etc.
  • Must have experience designing mobile-responsive websites and applications, coupled with a strong understanding of responsive design principles
  • Must have the ability to turn internal and client feedback into effective design concepts and visuals
  • Must be able to manage a project from client interaction to design-to-development handoff, followed by QA
  • Must understand the collaboration relationship between design and development
  • Must have experience working with developers to create implementation-ready layouts, assets, and resources
  • A demonstrated passion for design, storytelling, products, & brands
  • Experience working with clients directly (conference calls and emails when necessary)
  • Experience with balancing and managing multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experienced and competent in design & application best practices
  • Able to communicate through Slack and Google Meet
  • Able to work independently, are self-managed and self-motivated, proactive, and able to thrive in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

Added Bonuses

  • Experience animating interfaces using After Effects, Principle, etc.
  • Experience creating animations & micro-animations
  • Experience creating vectors, SVGs, & illustrations
  • Actively participating on popular creative community platforms like Dribbble or Behance



Black Flag Creative is a web design and mobile app agency anchored in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in UX/UI design, web design, product design, web development, mobile interface design, mobile app development, iOS apps, Android apps, SaaS platforms, dashboards, and brand identity. We are passionate about offering our skills to create amazing products for those anywhere from growing startups and small companies to big organizations, brands, and Fortune 500s. Black Flag works with forward-thinking companies to make an impact in the world through digital product experiences.

There is a lot of potential to grow with us! Most of all, expect to have fun and push yourself to new heights!


Where shall ye sail next?

If your background and experience aligns with who we’re looking for, please apply!

Thanks for your interest and we’re excited to meet you!