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  • eCommerce Website
  • Shopify
  • Digital Strategy
  • Design Prototype
  • Product Photography
  • UX / UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Programming
  • eCommerce
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Rocks & Minerals Discovered beneath earth’s surface

Fasanarock is family-owned and operated rock & minerals eCommerce business thriving in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The Fasanarock shop offers customers unique, unusual, and high-quality specimens that are hand-selected from all over the world such as Madagascar, China, and the United States.

As collectors and enthusiasts, Fasanarock has a deep love and passion for all things specimens. They seek to discover rare finds that are elegant and unique. Each specific rock and mineral has been dug up beneath the earth, cleaned, polished, and sold to rock collectors on every continent.

Unique Experience

Here are the unique features & characteristics implemented into the project:

  • Product Photography
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer Login
  • Currency Configuration
  • FAQ
  • Parallax Effects

Our Solution

Taking into consideration the uniqueness of every rock and mineral, our aim was to create a mesmerizing website experience that enabled users the ability to escape into a world of natural beauty. A dark theme was chosen for the sole purposes of allowing each specimen to shine and by being elevated based on its unique shape and vibrant colors. In support of this mindset, we set out to reflect the true essence of rock and minerals through the use of custom product photography, typography, animations, and micro-interactions.

Built on top of the Shopify platform, our crew wanted to push Shopify to its limits by designing and developing a customized theme, all the while, utilizing its eCommerce core functionality offerings. This allowed Fasanarock to still maintain their customer management and invoicing process within Shopify, meanwhile having a brand new website that better represented their products, history, and love for the industry. Fasanarock has built an online presence through the process of conducting sales in real-time through Instagram, but now has the exciting advantage of selling their products online, 24/7.

Following the website's recent launch, Fasanarock experienced a remarkable surge in online traffic, with a notable 550% increase overall. Furthermore, Fasanarock’s website redesign has resulted in a significant 125% boost in online sales.

Mobile Experience
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Up-to-date with design technology

The Black Flag crew surpassed all expectations! Our website garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, accompanied by a substantial surge in online sales. We’ve gained greater traffic from online searches, thereby extending our reach to customers worldwide. We are immensely thrilled and grateful the outcome!

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