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Mobile App Development Agency

Mobile applications have truly transformed the way that consumers and businesses interact with mobile devices. With trends showcasing exponential growth in this industry, it’s essential for brands to continually push the limits as to what customers can anticipate and even expect from their favorite mobile applications.

As your Sacramento mobile app development agency, we understand the importance of human interaction and convenience. This is why everything we create not only pushes the limits, but in addition, we create custom iOS and Android app experiences that make a difference, whether publically or internally.

Sacramento Mobile Application Development

Black Flag Creative has become a one of the leading mobile app developer agencies in Sacramento because we take the time to strategize, envision and create unique mobile app experiences for your customers. We offer each of our clients a unique experience, ensuring that their mobile app exceeds all expectations. Our mobile app development crew specializes in both iOS and Android mobile applications, accruing countless years of experience.


iOS Mobile App Development

Apple has transformed the way that the mobile industry functions and operates, thanks to their iOS platform. With millions of mobile apps available on the iTunes store and continuing, it’s not only important for your iOS mobile app to be high-quality in performance and accurate in data, but it also desperately needs a high-quality design interface that supports interaction, UX/UI experience, and your brand image.

Black Flag Creative specializes in strategizing and crafting modern, intuitive, memorable and scalable iOS mobile applications. What makes our Sacramento mobile app development agency different is that each of our mobile apps are 100% custom and unique. Before we create your project, we will listen to your desires and concerns and ensure that every idea and concern is heard, met, and seen throughout the iOS mobile app design and development process. In addition, we are very detailed-oriented which means that when we create the design visuals, you can expect the same look and feel transferred into code that will be 100% accurate.


Android Mobile App Development

Did you know that the Android Mobile App market place touts well over 50 billion mobile application downloads? With a heavily saturated mobile app store, it’s critical for businesses to ensure your app is designed to stand strong amongst the rest of the competition.

Our Android mobile app development crew understands how important it is to be found by the right target audience and will ensure your vision is seen through to fruition. What clients will note about our crew is the impeccable attention to detail. Once you get to play with your new mobile app, you will be surprised at how smooth, fast, and effective your new Android mobile app will be.

Mobile App Development Statistics


Increasing App Downloads

The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 were 197 billion, and it is expected that the total app downloads number will increase to 352 billion by 2021, according to statista.com.


Increasing Mobile Apps

When it comes to the total number of mobile apps on the App stores, as per the statista.com, there were around 2.8 million mobile apps at Google Play Store


Money and Apps

According to the latest report from sensortower.com, U.S. consumers spent an estimated $54.2 million on Apple’s App Store Christmas 2018

Ready to Come Aboard?

Come aboard and adventure with one of the leading mobile app development agencies in Sacramento. Our crew consists of top level experts who discover the right solutions for your company that will produce results. Your custom iOS and Android mobile applications are just on the horizon!


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