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Custom Web
Design Solutions

Custom Web
Design Solutions

As a top Los Angeles web design agency, we provide companies and organizations with custom design solutions that are tailored to meet your digital marketing goals. The best curated designs build long-lasting confidence and trust in your product and brand. Custom website designs inspire users to take action such as sign up, purchase, and engage. Our digitally native designers create uniquely beautiful and functional work grounded in results-oriented best practices.

Our top web design agency crafts iconic experiences, services, and products that are custom-tailored to your needs. We are passionate in producing and delivering effective and scalable products. No matter the complexity of your project; Public website, intranet, SaaS platform, eCommerce website, landing page, or admin portal, we can work with you to strategize and design a product solution customized to your company needs and goals.

Why Choose Our Los Angeles Web Design Agency

Our crew does not jump to conclusions and assume a solution will work. Instead, we first take a strategic approach to learn the ins and outs of your company, brand, industry, and target audience by doing research to discover a custom strategy that will lead to success. It’s important to have a unique presence and selling point that makes your establishment stand out, different, and memorable. Our clients don’t receive templates as their final product because this is not truly custom. Instead, we work closely with you to discover your unique necessities that we then transition into a custom digital solution you can call your own. No other company’s digital presence will resemble your custom product.

We don’t create average website designs or product interfaces. Why? Because we are anything but average. We seek to push the limits of creativity to create high-engaging, user-friendly, and memorable interactive experiences that tell your unique story with a purpose. Our crew will guide you on the right path that will lead you on a strategically guided course to success. From strategy to final implementation, we partner with you to design product experiences that build trust, encourage engagement, and increase revenue.


Custom Web
Design Services

Our Los Angeles web design agency strives to deliver the right design solutions to meet your business goals. How do we do this? Every single website design that we create is 100% custom and catered directly to you and your customers after our in-depth discovery process. Our web design services are expansive. Our crew is experienced and well-versed in website design, product design, user experience design (UX), and user interface design (UI). We understand the importance of UX/UI design and how effective a custom website design can actually be by encouraging your customers to engage, therefore, increasing revenue. Whether you’re looking to build a new digital experience from the ground up or bring your current presence into the modern age, we create custom-tailored website design and product interface solutions that are truly meaningful.


Responsive &

To ensure your website is fully optimized for search-engines, our crew will develop and structure your custom website to be mobile-friendly. If a website is not desktop and mobile responsive, it can harm your website’s ability to rank in search engines, therefore unseen by your target audience. Proper SEO implementation is included with all our web design services, because we believe a custom website deserves to be found and enjoyed . When we present your product, we will showcase it for desktop and mobile devices, giving you a preview as to what your customers will experience. Our goal is to create a seamless interactive experience that allows customers to easily transition from mobile to desktop, and vice versa.


Award winning

The Black Flag Creative crew has established a reputation as the best in custom website design in Los Angeles and California. The CSS Design Awards, an international platform for web design and web development awards, has awarded Black Flag Creative on three different occasions including, user-experience, user-interface designs, and overall innovation.

In addition to this, our agency has acquired and continues to maintain a five-star rating web design agency on many review platforms, including Yelp, Google, and Clutch.


Our Crew Is
Just Offshore

After the successful launch of your product, our web design services include ongoing support. Our support crew will gladly be floating just offshore to help further improve and maintain your website. As your preferred web design agency, we will perform weekly and monthly maintenance checks, back-up your website, and ensure that all moving parts are functioning as intended. Our crew stays ahead of the storm, monitoring for any potential disruptions, keeping your website live and sailing strong.

We’re capable of designing a wide variety of products: Website Design Services

  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • Product MVPs
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Web Applications
  • Landing Pages
  • Admin Dashboards
  • Intranets
  • SaaS Platforms
  • Government Websites
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Immersive Experience Websites
  • Responsive Websites
  • Concept Products

We have a wide range of knowledge & experience Website Design


Design Research &

Every project should start with a strategy. This helps in the guaranteed success of a project.

  • UX Research
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • User Experience Mapping
  • UX Audits & Analysis
  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • User Interviews
  • Design Interface Prototyping
  • Focus Groups
  • Storyboarding
  • User Story Mapping
  • Affinity Mapping
  • User Personas
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Usability Testing & Analysis
  • NUF Test
  • Parallel Design
  • Card Sorting
  • Branding Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Wireframes / Blueprints
  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design Sprints
  • UX Training
  • First Click Testing

Interface &
Product Design

Creating a unique design experience takes in-depth thought, knowledge, and creativity.

  • Web Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Interface Design
  • iOS App Design
  • Android App Design
  • Web App Design
  • SaaS Platform Design
  • Intranet Portal Design
  • Design Systems
  • UI Kits
  • Iconography
  • Dashboard Design
  • Platform Design
  • Immersive Experience Design
  • Branding & Identity Guides
  • Product Design
  • Invision Prototyping
  • Illustration
  • Motion Design
  • Animation Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Newsletter Template Design
  • Iterative Design Sprints
  • Design for Accessibility
  • Design for Flows
  • Product Design
  • Visual Design
  • Brand Implementation
  • Interface Design
  • Web App Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • Google Material Design

Web Design Statistics

First Time Impressions

48% of people admit that a website’s design is the #1 factor in determining the credibility of a business - Hook

Responsive Matters

57% of mobile users say they won’t recommend a company if they experience a poorly designed website on a mobile device. - Socpub

User Experience

88% of users will never return to a website if they have a bad experience. This could be a lack of creativity, an outdated design, or simply a poor mobile experience. - Invision

Resuced Bounce Rates

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. - Insivia

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